Newbie to running/making a server


Hi there. I’ve been playing FiveM RP servers for a while now and always wanted to develop/own one for myself. I recently purchased one and I am currently trying to learn the basics of setting it up and making/editing resources. This might be a silly question, but I was wondering if anyone on here might have some spare time to assist/teach me in how to setup and do certain thing. I’m kind of a perfectionist and like to know the ins and outs of everything so If anyone has any spare time they could take to talk to me and teach me the ropes it’d be greatly appreciated. If not talk then perhaps point me in the right direction of learning more. Thank you.

Discord: Hyperion#7846
Steam: Hyperion (My avatar is a tilted blue letter H)

Thank you again if anyone happens to have the time to respond and help!


Have a look at this reply Where do i start at resource developing?

I also strongly suggest to not spend any money when you are starting out. You can run a server locally while developing it and learning the ins and outs.

You should always be developing locally anyway so in the end you will have to have a server on your own PC.

Good luck