Newbie Question: Can you play 1 character on different servers here?



Hi FiveM,

I was planning on playing GTA V and I was just wondering if I can use 1 character on any server?


If you use lambda or something along those lines. You can make a character which you can save and use on servers with scripthook enabled.


I’m not really familiar with much modifications like the ones you mentioned since I only played the main GTA V and when I finished the game, that’s it. Could you give me a tutorial link or something? Thanks!


Just go to Here and follow the steps.


do note that FIveM is not a GTA Online replacement, every server can make their own gamemode and rules, some servers may save your game state client sided so it’s possible that you can use your character on multiple servers, however i have not heard of any servers that actually do that

if you mean “character” as in your playermodel, the person above’s messages guide you in the right place, however some servers may disable lambda menu.