New Zealand RP server development


Hi guys,

Over the last couple of months I have set up a New Zealand based server and have a decent amount of mods and NZ skins/textures already installed. I can complete basic code editing but was wondering if there was a NZ or Australian based dev who wanted to get on board.

Im not sure of the direction/strictness the server will head but am open to suggestions.


Server specs:
Intel i5 3.1 Ghz
12gb RAM
200gb SSD
100mbs DL 20 mbs UP (will be moving to 1 Gig DL 500 UP in approx 3-4 months)

PM me if you’re interested or drop a comment. Cheers!


I am keen to help, add me on discord Adam.#2963


Hey mate are you still interested? Do you have dev experience?


Yeah mate


Cheers you from NZ? I tried that discord name but it didnt work