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New York State Emergency Services Roleplay (NYSESRP) is a new community looking for dedicated members.

NYSERP is led by an experienced Command Staff who has over a decade of combined experience in leading GTA IV and GTA V RP communities, and our Directors have been working together since early 2013 when they founded their original community based around LCPD:FR. We are searching for individuals who can work as a part of a team and aid in creating the most realistic experience possible in GTA V.

We are based on New York State, with our largest department being the New York State Police. We are looking for Troopers, Firefighters, Paramedics, Dispatchers, and Civilians. Not only are we looking for members, but also leaders who can fill our staff member positions. If you have the leadership capacity and experience, we will ensure you are put in a proper position.

What makes us Different?

Our community is private, meaning we only allow our own approved members to join our servers, including civilians. This way, our civilians are well trained and reliable, ensuring we can provide you with the best possible and most realistic roleplay experience. No more dealing with raging 10 year olds who don’t know how to properly RP. Every interaction will be realistic and authentic.

In addition to this, our community is founded on the basis of professionalism and realistic roleplay. We rely on training and SOPs which tie heavily into real life scenarios and policies for law enforcement agencies in New York State. We hold our members and training to a high standard.

NYSESRP is a growing community with plenty of room for promotion, given the proper leadership qualities and work ethic.


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