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New York State Emergency Services Roleplay (NYSESRP) is a new community looking for dedicated members.

NYSERP is led by an experienced Command Staff who has over a decade of combined experience in leading GTA IV and GTA V RP communities, and our Directors have been working together since early 2013 when they founded their original community based around LCPD:FR. We are searching for individuals who can work as a part of a team and aid in creating the most realistic experience possible in GTA V.

We are based on New York State, with our largest department being the New York State Police. We are looking for Troopers, Firefighters, Paramedics, Dispatchers, and Civilians. Not only are we looking for members, but also leaders who can fill our staff member positions. If you have the leadership capacity and experience, we will ensure you are put in a proper position. In addition, we are looking for experienced developers to help upkeep the server.

In addition to this, our community is founded on the basis of professionalism and realistic roleplay. We rely on training and SOPs which tie heavily into real life scenarios and policies for law enforcement agencies in New York State. We hold our members and training to a high standard.

NYSESRP is a growing community with plenty of room for promotion, given the proper leadership qualities and work ethic.


Ready to apply? You can do so on our website!

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Removed ‘payment for development’ as this is against FiveM ToS.


Maybe you guys should consider joining up with another community. I’ve been developing my own server for around a month now based on dunkos vRP. Been writing custom scripts while my partner installs vehicles and tweaks handling files. Just trying to get everything right before releasing… lol


Your more then welcome to Merge with us. Were always looking for new things to be added and always based around the community and were a brand new server that has the peace of mind of one day having alot of different options . Our main focus right now is trying to fill our amazing server we created over 6 months
thanks TheVapingGamer#9106


We are not currently looking to merge our community, but we appreciate the offers!


You need devs?


I dont. I’m after people to do everything else lol.


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