New York Roleplay!



Server IP:

Hello FiveM community!
Im happy to announce that we are opening New York Roleplay!

Some information:

New York RP was founded 10th of November 2017. Our goal since the beginning was to stand out
within the FiveM community by aiming to create a realistic environment for LEO or Civilian RolePlay
which i can say has been accomplished for a good 85%!

We are still doing tweaks to the server scripts each day such as adding more options which can be requested on our discord. We try to get the purest roleplay into our server , and thats where your help comes in!
We have added more than 15 cars for civilians to enhance their realistic roleplay, and still more of that to come! Law Enforcement also has custom vehicles added into the server.
Feel free to check it out!


Since today we are recruiting staff for our server.
If you would feel interested , i posted the discord link at the top of the thread.

What exactly do we need?

  • Admins
  • Law Enforcement Officers
  • EMS Personel
  • Civilians
  • A kind and good RPing player base!

I hope to see you all soon!

NYRP Owners


We are also still looking for a developer!

What kind of developer are we looking for?:

  • Were looking for a developer thats mainly based on LUA
  • Other languages could come in handy

What is expected from you?:

  • Help us out with scripting
  • Make custom scripts
  • Help us out with SQL Databases
  • Sort out Configs

Are you interested? visit our discord!

NYRP Owners



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