New York Professional Roleplay. Looking For Active Members For All Departments


We are a new server called New York Professinal Roleplay, and we are dedicated to fun and professinal roleplay for all of our members. We a great
staff and administration team, that are very willing to help anyone that joins with any problems they might have. We are always looking for more members
that are active, and can have fun roleplaying with us.

If you want to apply you need to join our discord server which is right here, once your in someone will help you get setup with everything
you need. You nee to apply on the discord, and then there in an interview process you need to go through on the Teamspeak.

Since this i such a new server we don’t have that many special scripts on the server.

What departments do we offer:

Los Santos Police Department.

San Andreas State Police.

Blaine County Sheriff’s Office.



Civilian Operations.

Administraion of NYPRP Teitur J.
Thank you for taking your time looking at this.


Fixed Typo In Title For You.


What was the typo, i don’t see one


You spelt professional incorrectly. So I edited it for you.


Bump. Still recruiting


Update. Server now has a fully working econmy system with money, jobs and more. More things are getting added all the time.


Bump. Still recruiting


We also got a new CAD/MDT

Civilian Side

Sheriff office side


Bump. Still recruiting for all departments


San Andreas Highway Patrol cars. Still recruiting for all departments.


Bump. Still recruiting for all departments. We are getting updates done to the server everyday.


Bump. Still recruiting for all departments. Working on a recruitment.