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The State of Osmont


Official Website - stateofosmont.us

Public Discord - discord.stateofosmont.us

Residency Application - application.stateofosmont.us


The State of Osmont is a new-wave, trainer based role-playing community designed around a fictional State in the USA. With our own laws and leaders we create a friendly, unique, story-based roleplaying environment for everyone to enjoy.

We have built this community with a new outlook on roleplay and have renamed every aspect of the map to our liking that matches the Osmont Theme. We’ve specially curated every aspect of the server, changing everything we can to differentiate ourselves from a traditional roleplaying experience. New Residents are encouraged to develop their character as they grow in our state including their backstory and origins. We heavily encourage serious, story based roleplay for all residents and members of Public Safety. As we grow into the future, it’s our goal to develop the State more and more to everyone’s backstory, including renaming stores after the Owner, dedicating Areas/Streets to certain important members of society.


Osmont Government Officials, officials.stateofosmont.us

Governor - The Governor for the great State of Osmont is an elected position chosen by all Residents of the state. This person is an advanced leader that is able to communicate goals and achieve them for the State.

Attorney General - The Attorney General is another elected position in the Executive Branch of Government. The Attorney General works closely with our Court and Public Safety systems to establish new laws to keep the state running efficiently.

Judges - Every election period, the number of Judge positions available will change, this is the first and only rank currently a part of the Judicial Branch of the Government. Judges are responsible for handling all cases in our bi-weekly court sessions, everything from Criminal Cases, Civil Disputes, Lawsuits, and Traffic Cases are seen by our elected Judges.

Mayor of Rockport - The Mayor of Rockport is another elected position in the Local Branch of Government. The Mayor is responsible for the well-being of Rockport (Los Santos) Residents. The Mayor will work tirelessly for it’s Residents to provide the best quality of life possible.

Redwood County Commissioner - The County Commissioner of Redwood County is the final elected position in the Local Branch of Government. The County Commissioner, while similar to the Mayor, covers a slightly larger area, mostly mountains and plains. The County Commissioner shapes Redwood (Blaine) County to the best it can possibly be using all the resources presented.


Osmont Public Safety

Director of Public Safety - The Director of Public Safety works closely alongside City and County Officials to really spot the problems of the areas and target them using all the Public Safety resources available. Chosen by the Governor, the Director of Public Safety plays a vital role in maintaining the states low response times and low crime rates.

Rockport Police Department - “Whether you are a long time resident or plan on visiting for the first time, the City of Rockport offers numerous recreation and entertainment choices for everyone. The men and women of the City of Rockport Police Department are proud to serve in our community and are committed to fulfilling the vision of Leading our Community Towards a Safer Tomorrow. We strive to provide policing services in a fair and respectful manner. We also work in close partnership with other community agencies in order to provide solutions to issues that are not simply "police problems".

We are extremely proud to have the support of the citizens of Rockport and will continue to maintain and grow that trust in everything that we do. On behalf of the City of Rockport Police Department, welcome to our vibrant community and thank you to everyone who supports us in maintaining public safety.” -RPD Administration, Learn more at rpd.stateofosmont.us

Emergency Communications - “The Communications Department provides an instant connection between the Residents and Public Safety Officials. Operators are specially trained to present all city services to the needs of the Residents. The work of an Operator is always changing, on a daily basis the Communications Department can deal with anywhere from 50 - 150 calls for service, each and every call getting processed and potentially dispatched to Emergency Responders in the field. The uniqueness the ECC Department provides is something you will not find anywhere else.” -ECC Administration

Osmont Fire - “The Osmont Fire Department has been providing the highest quality of protection to residents in the formation of Osmont. It’s always has been our goal to reach the needs of every single resident and delivery the best quality service. We do this by using the best equipment offered today and training with modern firefighting practices, not commonly seen on a daily basis.” -OsmontFIRE Administration


What can Osmont offer me?
New Residents can be offered many different rewards for becoming a Resident, other than living in the greatest State in the US, there are many different tax, health, and career benefits for moving to our State.

Is Osmont Private or Public?
We’re beginning our community with both. The Public Server will feature a less enforced roleplaying experience for our members to advance their characters faster without the need for a story. Public Players will be subject to the rules upon entering, but our Staff are not required to connect to the Public Server, unless a issue should arise. Only Residents of the State gain access to the Private Server, this is where you may see scheduled/impromptu “patrols” and get in with all different members of the community, this is also where you will see heavy rule enforcement and active Staff playing. We hope to soon go fully Private/Whitelisted so every experience in Osmont, is not that of a Public playing experience.

What are the Steps to Becoming a Resident?
Citizens of the United States that wish to move to Osmont simply fill out an Application for Residency on our Official Website. An ICE Agent will conduct a verbal interview affirming your answers on the application, and make the determination if you would be a good resident of our state. If so, you’ll immediately be allowed in and can begin your moving process. There is no “training” or “examinations” for Residents (Civilians), but there is for Public Safety Officials.

What are the Steps to Becoming a Dispatcher/Police Officer/Firefighter?
You must be a Resident of Osmont, if you are accepted in, your ICE Agent will ask if you would like to apply to any of those agencies, if you do there is an additional application which tells us more about your character and your drive to become a Public Safety Official, each agency has its own standards, but if accepted your agency will conduct a verbal interview to affirm your answers a learn more about you, then you are put into the Training Phase! Depending on the availability of everyone, the process of becoming a Resident, then a Public Safety Official can take anywhere from 2-5 days.

What Does Osmont Look for in a Resident?
The State of Osmont is seeking quality roleplayers that enjoy a story based roleplaying setting. While we’re happy to teach and grow with you, we’re not open to accepting those that do not wish to roleplay this way. Our goal is to provide the best and most unique experience possible to all Citizens that wish to become Residents. It’s important to understand that we do not have strict (if any at all for Civilians) policies, and will only accept those that know how to roleplay, and build a character (or characters) and can passively, yet seriously roleplay. For those that wish to have a career in Government, your “Government” character will be background checked, and if you are a felon or have been convicted of a felony, you are not eligible. What needs to be understood is this is not a typical FiveM Server, and we will not accept typical FiveM applicants. If your only experience with FiveM is run-of-the-mill public un-coordinated servers, then maybe Osmont isn’t the place for you.

What is the benefit of Becoming a Resident?
Becoming a Resident comes with many different rewards, but we’re going to cover the Out of Game/Out of Character rewards. We pride ourselves on creating the best roleplaying experience for everyone, something out of the “norm” can be difficult to adjust to, but not in Osmont. Each of our Head Administrators have curated each and every single aspect of our community, shaping everything we can from Staff, Documentation, Communication, and the Server itself. We’ve designed this community to take a complex style of roleplaying, and make it easy and fun, with plenty of tools to help you learn or expand your roleplaying ability.

Have More Questions?
Reach out on our Public Discord Server!


General In-Game Pictures


This is a wonderful server, and the Staff of the server deserve alot of credit for creating this. They have put alot of time and effort into building this wonderful community


“See that grey house on the right, boot?”

“Yes, sir.”

“One time me and another rookie responded to a call there. Guy came onto the porch with a revolver and put two in the boot’s vest, turned and got one shot off at me before I gunned him down. The rookie quit shortly after that. Poor fucker just wasn’t ready for the streets, which is a shame; I kinda liked him.”


Birchmount, Rockport City (February 11th, 2011)


“And this, kids, is why HIV can’t be contained. Wait until they park up, and jump them.” (circa 2014)


“Who leaves garbage in their god damn trunk? Jesus christ.” (July 19th, 2018)