New Server up and coming



Hey guys its Matthew McGuire-Clough here from the Californian State Of emergency Roleplay. It is with great pleasure that I tell you that our server is now Up and Running, there are a few things you may need to know before joining and the process involved in applying
to be whitelisted and stuff like that.

GAME SERVER LINK:, and one more Private one
FORUMS: Coming Soon

My email for you to get more information is:

We have a good base of directors people that are enthusiastic about what they are doing and want to have a good time role playing with new people. We have multiple jobs in the way of;

Air Support
Fire Fighters
and other cool and interesting Jobs on offer

we have multiple cars enabled and have active Admins.

if you are interested in using custom cars and other cool stuff jump on in and roleplay
with us. we have custom scripts like the death script, Cop Script and we are going to be having a custom CAD/MDT like the one that DOJ has

If you are interested in becoming a cop and or a civilian come to our website and check out the forums and apply to be a cop/civ
if you don’t want to be in game you can talk to one of the directors into organizing to be a dispatcher
but if you can be in the game more than 4 times per week we would love to see you inside out server.

To be able to go whitelisted you need to understand the rules of our server,

  1. No RDM
  2. No VDM
  3. No FailRP (Kicks or bans if necessary)

and look on the website for the other rules of the server.



I am here to tell you of the opening of one of our Directors roles and a few Admin/Helper roles that need to be filled.

Please understand that we only accept Serious applications and if your does not seem to be good enough you will not be accepted. And if you have a bad reputation you will also not be accepted.

If you are willing to comply with the rules of this Director and the expectations please fill out this form here:

when we have accepted your response we will email you with the Team speak IP and the Game IP for your awaited Interview

if you get accepted you will have to join the Team speak and get interviewed by one of our other Directors who will test your knowledge and decide with the rest of the Developers if we want you on the staff board

and if you get accepted into the role you will be able to join the Team speak and collect the role and start working with the other Directors to be the best community we can be

Doing an official patrol on Californian State of Emergency
Hiring developers,super admins,admins Ect For Californian State Of Emergency

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