[New Server] Looking for developers



First of all, english is not my main language, i’m brazilian, probably this topic will have some misspells.

We are developing a new server (ESX-based) and are looking for experienced persons.

We need: graphical designer/gui maker and a developer.

Preferably required
  • 18 years old or older;
  • Be calm and respectful (We do not want non-constructive discussions in our team);
  • Have a good teamwork;
  • Be creative;

[ ! ] This is a future professional server, we are looking for qualified/well rated developers. [ ! ]

If you’re interested, reply this topic with your skills/experience or send me a private message.


Read FiveM’s TOS. (20 chars)


Thanks for your reply!

I’ve corrected my topic following the TOS.


I am willing to work for you speak with me on discord whenever. Nick Robin#4736



I’m needing a developer again.




Still needing developers.




I would not consider people a developer when they say that can do “ESX”