[NEW SERVER] Looking for Admins/Devs to Launch new Community



Hi all,

After playing around on FiveM for a while now I’ve found that a lot of the servers that are open to the public have glitchy scripts, unrealistic RP, or are filled with kids.

I’ve purchased a long-term VPS and set up a basic FiveM server with some simple mods. I’m looking for a group of people who want to get in at the start and help build a new community.

I myself am mid-20s, based in New York. I have good technical background in web development and databases, but modding on FiveM is new to me.

The vision I have for the community is:

  • Open to public, but with mods on all the time to keep things in order
  • Mods that aren’t jerks
  • Age minimum (18)
  • Job system to encourage people to work to earn things
  • Serious RP, but still have fun
  • AOP based in Blaine County, simply to have less desync

If you are interested in helping to get this started please feel free to reach out to me.


Hello, May I be a admin I meet all requirments


I can be a dev, I have developed quite a few, and meet all the requirments.


Hello, May I be a admin i can help you guys


Tyler Moose#6227 Add me on discord


Are you still looking for admins, if so I meet all the requirements, :slight_smile: