New server! Has lot's of Addons! Needs players!



Spent almost 3 weeks developing my server to release it today! I’ve been pushing to have it done some time soon but i just can’t wait im too excited! We are a new Semi-Serious RP server with tons of addons cars vMenu and lots more! We have the right things but no players! So if you’re interested we need. Players, Staff, EMS, POLICE. If you would like to join us today and enjoy our fully functional server and have some fun we would love to have ya! Like i said we have the stuff just need the players! If you’re interested join us today! @ Vinux Network! ~


Bump added new cars and some peds. Also fixed some bugs in the vMenu settings that wasn’t allowing certain things.


Bump. Added a new vehicle handling meta and working on installing a Leo menu


Discord link invalid btw


Very sorry buddy. Here we are -


Bump Need players! Also added some new vehicle handling!