NEW SERVER Going live 8/9 [Corrupted RP] More Info in Post

Corrupted Roleplay is a serious roleplay community. We strive to bring the best roleplay experience possible in every aspect of the game. All of our members have a say when it comes to the server and it’s content added in the future. We want to make sure that it’s not only a place we as the owners can call home, but for you as well.

All of the owners / Admins are players as well, held to the same standard as players. The server structure has been and will be built with the player in mind.

The server is brand new and going live on Friday August 9th at 3pm CST.

  • -Our PD, EMS, and Mechanic teams are already in place to make sure we have a smooth launch. All departments hiring.

What we have to offer:

  • The server can be found in the FiveM server listing as Corrupted RP

  • Direct Connect:

  • Our server uses a discord whitelist system for the time being, moving to an application whitelist in the future.

  • Corrupted RP is an 18+ server

  • Active Owners / Admins / Mods

  • Dedicated / Stable server

  • Whitelist Jobs

  • Police
  • EMS
  • Mechiancs
  • Non-Whitelist
  • Tailor
  • Fishing
  • Taxi
  • Oil Refiner
  • Mining
  • Lumberjack
  • Butcher
  • TokoVoip

  • Radio Channels

  • Cellphone calls / Text

  • 4 types of drugs including craftable meth

  • Skill system: Your character gets better at tasks the more you do them

  • Chop Shop

  • House Robberies (Coming soon)

  • Bank Robberies, with Jewelry Store and other Heists to come

  • Store Robberies

  • Rob NPC’s

  • 50+ Custom Cars, with more shipments bi-weekly

  • Properties (More coming soon)

  • Multi Character creation

  • Playable pedestrian models

  • EUP Clothing

  • Potential Purchasable Businesses: Got a player business idea? Run it by us and we’ll work with you to implement it!

Server is still in final phase of testing, but feel free to stop by the Discord [] and check everything out before Friday! Server will be going LIVE, August 9th at 3PM CST.

I hope to see you in the city! -Shiny: Server Admin/Owner

Note:Server will be wiped before Friday, feel free to join the test server and test, just realize you will be starting from scratch come server launch


I doubt the RP will be any good if the name even has “Corrupted RP” in it. Just doesn’t sound good at all.

I appreciate the concern! It is just a name, and if you join the server, you’ll see that the server name is not reflective of the quality of RP on the server. Thanks for the feedback though!

I could see where you might find the name odd. But I can assure you the RP is great. I think you would really enjoy yourself if you gave it a try. Pretty much anyone would love to show you around or chat. Feel free to reach out anytime as well!