[NEW] San Andreas Roleplay | Private Server | 50+ Open Ranks | 6 Departments | Custom Pack and Server |


Welcome to San Andreas RP, We aim to impress you with our 6 focused departments with SOPs, Rules and More that you will agree with. We are dedicated to role-players who want to have a fun time while gaining some experience to. Unlike some communities we try to make sure all Staff and Admin are experienced, trained and do their job.

Website: sarpgta5.enjin.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/UcAdDxJ

SARP has 18 Custom Cars, More coming soon
SARP has a jail script and 10 other custom scripts

We, at SARP, are looking for 2 people in each department, also with Tech Support, Developers, Testers and Designers for Liveries, If you are intrested when you apply contact the DIrector, Deputy Director or Assistant Director.



Got a Discord or Teamspeak?


Yes but you have to apply and accepted


I rather not unless I will like your community made applying mistakes too much.


I could edit it to allow people into the discord