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San Andreas National Protection

Hello From the lovely city of San Andreas National Protection! This is Staff Member Speedy here!

You ever dream of becoming a cop and taking down criminals? Or maybe enjoy the thrill and excitement of the criminal side of things where you can set up your own crime gang, smuggle drugs and weapons?
What if I told you can do both?
Or you want to be something between the two?
Here at SANP we allow our members to choose freely between both being a officer of the law and also trying out the criminal life. We dont force you to pick one or the other. We however do not allow you to do any criminal activities as an officer.

We have a wide variety of career paths for you to choose from.
Here at SANP we DO NOT have have “AREA OF ROLEPLAY”, so you are not limited certain areas of the map! We allow you to go play all over the map.

Government Jobs
Law enforcement; EMS, Firefighter; Lawyer

Daily Jobs
Airline Pilot; Security Guard; Miner; Fisher; Mechanic/Tow driver; Hunter; Trucker; Real Estate Agent; Vineyard Collector; Delivery Driver. Lumberjack, Taxi, Reporter, Salvage Collector, Pizza Delivery, Traffic Warden, Foodtruck!

Criminal Careers
Mafia; Drug runner; Weapon smuggler; Drug dealer, Drug collector,

About us:
SANP is a community that is dedicated to having fun and providing a family-like experience. We are a community based server your feedback is very important o us.

Roleplay Experience:
Your experience of roleplay in this community will be great. We will make sure that you have a great time here roleplaying with us. We are based on real laws and have state certified law enforcement officials. Our purpose on this server is to provide you with friends and a family to play with that will always here for you. We want to share this family experience with everyone and thrive within this community. We make sure to interact with community members while not roleplaying.

We are a new roleplay server with lots of experienced members of all age groups. We have about seventy-five people here that very all on a previous server and now have come here. This is a great community ready to grow. And we are growing everyday

Server Development:
This server has lots of personalized scripted and custom scripts that have been made to work for better of the community, along with our custom LEO vehicles. We also have lots of custom addon cars, these are available for anyone to purchase. Also our Trucking job, has real addon vehicles such as a Volvo, Peterbilt,and many more.

Our Departments:
We have lots of departments to choose from in SANP. You can only apply to one department at a time, after you are accepted you will be interviewed and then will be trained.

San Andreas State Police
Los Santos Sheriff Department
Los Santos Police Department
Los Santos Fire & Rescue
Department of National of Security
Game Warden

New Opportunities:
We have lots of departments on our server! We are still looking for more players and trying to grow the server. We are hoping to get lots of members! WE ARE LOOKING FOR DEVELOPERS!

See you soon in our new city, your flight leaves soon so don’t miss it!
So go tell the airline that you are boarding flight number:


Our one of our State Trooper cars thanks too Staff member Rebexxa!


we are a small community with big intention moving forward where users are put 1st our support team will do their utmost to resolve things in a timely fashion

we have a core group of people already set up with vasts amounts of experience from real law enforcement and dispatch members to people with security and military experience so if you have the willingness to learn we have a space for you


Another Custom LEO Skin that we have on our server, personally created by out Support team staff member and Game Warden Commissioner Shrimp.


A few skins make by one of our guys to be added into the game for some of our jobs


new Auxiliary police job added to the server with a wage of $1500

a few new updates
Update 1.3

  • Added a cool translation after loading in
  • Fixed the Pump shot gun (added the update to make it look better)
  • Fixed the unmarked cars handling
  • Added the Revolver new texture
  • Added a new MP5 (seeing how people like it)
  • Added a new job (bus driver)
  • Lag fix with esx_menu_default
  • Added two new guns to the Police Armory (Pistol and Pistol mk2)
  • Added Attachments to Police departments (police only) and one at the Ammunition in the city (more locations coming soon)

Update 1.4

  • Added Police AUX (Community Officer)
  • Added DNS Stuff + Job
  • Tackle for Police (Shift+E)
  • Added a nice all in 1 menu (CapsLock)
  • Added Security Cams for police to some businesses
  • Removed the Blackout script
  • Updated the Loading screen pictures
  • Updated a few scripts
  • Added multiple spawn locations for police boats and choppers![color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.2)]Monday at 20:59[/color]

Update 1.5

  • Added MK2 Weapons to police
  • Added a new K9 model to police
  • Fixed weapon attachments (when dying)
  • Fixed the impound garage
  • Fixed houses inventory with weapons
  • Added something new in the strip club
  • Added buyable body armor for police

Update 1.6

  • Added a fire script for Fire/EMS
  • FIXED calling EMS
    Small but good

Update 1.6+More

  • Added Blips for EMS so they can see Police and fellow EMS
  • Added the ability for me to add more EMS points.
  • Fixed Cruise Control, now in MPH (Press Y)
    Coming soon: EMS will be able to get a fire extinguisher, hatchet, and flashlight

Update 1.6+MoreEVENMORE

  • Added in so EMS can now get a fire extinguisher, hatchet, taser, and flashlight
  • Added EMS chopper points
  • Fixed it so if EMS is online, you can’t use Medkits as a Civ or Cop
  • Fixed Seltbelt Mod, you get ejected if you are going 35+ without seatbelt


SANP halloween event
purge from 1900-000 est come join the fun will will be shutting down the esx scripts, vmenu will be enabled (F9) dont miss your right to purge where for 5 hours all crime including murder will be legal will your survive the purge?


Come and try it out!


New updates! including GTA 4 cars and other cool items!


recent updates include

New state skins
New sheriff skins
More properties added to the map
New cars added to the dealership we now have over 350 cars in the dealership including gta 4 cars
Newer and more responsive CAD system
Added more commercial and industrial vehicles to the car dealership so you can run your own business
New jobs added
New vehicles for fire and ems (pics to follow)

All departments are hiring come join the fun :slight_smile: