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This is San Andreas Defense Role play! We hope that you will take a little of your time and read about our community. SADRP is not just a community but we are also a family. SADRP has friendly Directors, Admin, Staff, and Community members, we are always looking for new member to join the family. SADRP will help the lowest rank and the youngest person, because everyone matters. Everyone in SADRP are friendly, nice, funny, and enjoys new people. We at San Andreas Defense Role play respect everyone because there is no community without you guys. So please come stop by and see if you like it. And if you do not please tell us why. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read and try out our server. RP for everyone is your moto!

What makes you to join?
Well we might not be best than others but we are kind as a staff team, directors and Admins but when we are serious at patroling we RP to enjoy and make it realistic as possible We love Good RP and don’t like people who like to fail RP so if you are that kind of person you can join now! And most importantly
Active Staff/Members,
Open Departments,
Admin Postions,
Serious RP,

-Must have legal copy of Gta V | if you are dispatch then no need to
-Must be 13 years old on the day you apply
-Must have Discord And TeamSpeak

Open Departments,

State police: Commissioner -
Police Department: Chief -
Communication: Dispatch Director -
Fire Department: Fire Chief -
Civilian department: Civilian Director -
All departments are open

Server Directors,
Eli H
Deputy Director,
Mazen E.
Community Coordinator,
Percell J.

Links you need,
Our website:

Main Discord:
Fivem Server IP:
TeamsSeak: {click start}

Thank you for your time reading we will be waiting for you, remember this is a Fivem roleplay community not an official RockStar servers
Yours Sincerely,
San Andreas Defense RP Staff Team.


Join now to get a chance of being in a wonderful community!