You’re here because you’re looking for a new role play server to join.

We’re a serious roleplay community, based around cars and general roleplay.

We have over 200 custom vehicles and still adding them daily, Custom maps for dealers aswell as a drag strip and drift tracks.

We have our own map builder who builds specifically for the server, plenty of custom jobs to make money, all are set with the economy in mind everything vehicle wise is based as close to msrp.

All vehicles are to be bought, Just like IRL, Each shop has its own custom command to open and close it, so you will know when a shop is open. There are pages in discord for each shop and what they sell along with prices.

High opportunity for any types of role play besides TERRORISM AND RAPE

We have active police and are always looking for more to join the force.

Our own custom CAD/MDT.

Active admins/Server Devs.

All we need is the population.

So if you feel like this would be the server for you, then please join our discord and speak to our team about becoming whitelisted.

Join our discord here:

Here are some pictures of what you can expect when you join the server.

Looking for a Serious RP Server

This server takes all of its feedback from the community, i cant say enough that the owners and admins take everything into consideration. The RP in this server is amazing with the custom cars and everything. Happy to be a part of it.


If you do want to be apart of our server, please join our discord! Thank you


Are you really selling money at stake for real money?
You shoot this in the form of donations but in reality you offer a paid service to have benefits in game. Your server is a pay to win! It seems to me however that it is strictly forbidden by five m to generate any money from the moment you pass by their platform :rage:


@Vespura Sorry to tag you like this, but idk how to report this method and this server.


Not at all a pay to win, a donation is a donation, we don’t force it upon people but if they wish to donate then some in game benefits are given as a thank you.

nothing more nothing less, If this is a issue with 5m then i will remove the donation info.


So its very strange i’ve seen a Msg from Hallux (admin five m) and he said that donation cant be over then 17 dollars ! If its more, then you are making profits on five m ! Dont tell me that you never won more then 17 dollars (/month). You are making profit, and its part of the rules of five m
Your server is a pay to win ! And you promote benefits in game in exchange of 40 / 20 dollars (or more) but has Hallux Said, over 17dollars you are making benefits and its out of the rules of five m !


Yes those was there, I wasn’t aware of the no donation rules hence the reason the donation info is gone.

I still don’t see what it’s got to do with you anyway. If there is a problem a five m admin can message me and talk to me rather than someone else who I assume isn’t apart of the five m team.


this is a fun server love it and if you have problems the owner and the admins are on the case pretty quick


Really good server, friendly community and admins are fair. keep it up.


I am one of the server owners.

We are always adding new cars, tweaks, and changes improve quality of life and our map editor is very skilled.

Please give our server and if you do, please enjoy your stay!!!