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Hi everyone we have our first and new role play server called Second Chance RP.

Our server is based around cars so role play mainly is towards racing/buying/selling of cars from certain shops.


PDM (Simeons) - high end cars - 250gto- chiron etc.
Sokudo garage - Anything JDM/Sports
VynlShop - Custom built cars (benny’s works) (gta cars)

We have whitelisted police/ems.
Active admins.
criminal jobs
64+ custom cars.


We need to implement a CAD system, add in a drag strip and such.

We’re looking for Police.

Its a serious role play server 16+ really but those under 16 who are mature can join.

The way the buying and selling of cars works is people can buy garages such as LSC’s, Larry’s RV’s and shops like that and buy and sell cars out of there using stock they bought from the main garages (Sokudo, PDM etc)
They would only be able to sell what they bought.

The way this is done is we sell you say 10 subaru sti 2005 and you can sell 10 of those for a price that works for you.

No cars that you haven’t bought are to be spawned and if you are caught you will be asked to delete the car and go buy it. if you do not follow these rules you will be kicked and have your player data reset and so on.

We have a discord and will do interviews for ems.

Those who do ems and wish to be a paramedic/fire would need to be in the ems dispatch so they can assist the officers as and when.

If you feel like this is something you would like to try out please do.

Search for Second Chance RolePlay.

See you on the server.

-Wack Second Chance RP -DEV.


If you want to help us out and give us tips and things to fix/change/add please do.