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Copy sorry boss:


Amazing server, really nice people running it.


Thanks for the feedback sir.


Opened for Applications still!


hey just curious are the textures based off Halton regional?


The Regional Police is based off Simcoe Police and the S.A.P.P is based of the O.P.P.


i see thats good news for me then, im making textures for halton i was like hold the phone cant have two halton communities. thanks for speedy reply.


Hi,me and my friend were just on your server and talked to Phresh. Firstly, they kicked my friend for not being a cop when there was another civilian that was not a cop that was roleplaying as a cop and he was not kicked. Secondly, Phresh teleported to us and explained it was an RP server, so my friend and I went to start some RP. We heard some gunfire so we went to check it out and we saw Phresh shooting loads of AI for no reason. So we decided to take advantage of the situation to start some RP and shoot a cop while they werent paying attention. My friend went to shoot the cop, who had god mode on for some reason, who then banned BOTH of us when I didnt even have a gun and was just sitting in the car. I was curious as to why I was banned, so I joined your teamspeak. I messaged Phresh to ask if he could explain why I was banned and explained the scenario we were doing. Phresh (who I believe to be an admin) answered by banning me from the TeamSpeak. In my opinion, this is not how an admin should act. For a community that is just starting out, I dont think this is a very good start. If someone would like to explain these actions to me, I would be more than willing to listen.


@darmstadtium please deal with this child above trying to cause drama for no reason, Thanks.


@Phresh How am I a child I am only stating facts as it happened and as I tried to contact you on your TeamSpeak and instead of answering me you banned me I felt I had no other option but to take to the form as you are advertising a mature community, I felt I am owed at least a reason for the ban and now instead of answering me which would be the mature thing to do you are asking moderators to sort your problem for you now that’s childish. I am sure they are busy enough without having to sort out community issues, So Phresh as a admin are you going to answer my questions

  1. Why was my friend kick for being a cop when other civs where cops and they where not kicked
  2. Why do the cops have godmode on and I was streaming so I have the clip
  3. Why are the cops killing all the AI
    and last but not least, When I tried to take advantage of the stitution and kill a cop which happens in real life might I add I was kicked and banned for trying to start some RP.
    The ball Phresh is in your court my friend I await your answer.

Thanks in advance



Applications are still open, apply while you can.