New Order RPC | Whitelisted LEO/FD/EMS | Hiring Staff Members | New - 2018


Welcome to the New Order RPC Official FiveM post!

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Server Staff

  • Danny H. - Director and Founder of New Order RPC.
  • Tony R. - Director and Co-Founder of New Order RPC.
  • James H. - Sub-Director.
  • Jefferson C. - Head Of Moderation.
    New Order RPC Administration Team.

Who are We?
We strive to be a professional, and a realistic roleplay community. We are a friendly community. Therefore, we strive to treat everyone with respect, and anyone who doesn’t will be met with disciplinary action.

We are dedicated to providing you with realistic Fire Department, Emergency Medical, and Law Enforcement roleplay. We strive to make the roleplay experience consistently fun while also maintaining a professional atmosphere.

We have a very strict system created by the administration team and will be used by the administration and moderation team.The system is as follows; Once you receive a warning it will be on your record for 60 days, Once you receive 3 warnings those warning turn into a strike there will not be any warning after you receive your strike. The second you do something else, after having a strike, you will be awarded your second strike. Once you receive 3 strikes, Your access to the New Order RP Community will be terminated.

What we have to Offer:
We are currently hiring members of the following Government Departments:

Sheriff Department (Includes Blaine County Sheriff’s Office and Los Santos County Sheriffs)
Police Department (Included Los Santos Police Department & US Marshals)
San Andreas State Troopers (Includes SWAT/HRT, RIT & National Guard)
San Andreas Fire Department
San Andreas Emergency Medical Team

We also offer a ranked based Civilian Operations system that allows you to unlock custom vehicles and “perks” the more you play on the server.

Civilian Roleplay Jobs (To Be Added):
Security (Airfield and Private Property)
San Andreas Department Of Transport
More Coming Soon

Features within the Server:
Menu Based Roleplay
Custom Vehicles for Civs and Government Officials
32 Player Slots
Daily Updates
Moderation Equipment (Bring, Goto, Slay, Slap, Freeze, Kick & Ban.
Radar Script (Ctrl + M)
/hu Script (Hands Up)
Time Sync and Dynamic Weather
Custom Map (Better Sandy and Paleto police stations)

We are looking for developers with the skills to improve and contribute towards New Order RPC. If you have what it takes to be a Developer for NORPC, Contact Danny H via Discord.

Can’t wait to have you as part of the community!
We hope to see you being a active part within our community and become a part of the New Order RPC family. We are always welcoming to new players who want to bring anything they can to the community!