[NEW] london-golf-spaghetti -ERROR Message- Please read



So this is the new post im not sure if its any better… but if you’re a mod/admin and you want to delete one of my posts because they are the same then delete the old one and NOT this one thank you! also please help…

GTA V version? latest
Up to date? yes
Legit or Pirate copy? legit
Steam/CD/Social Club? steam
Windows version? 10
Did you try to delete caches.xml and try again? yes
Error screenshot (if any) FIVEM LONDON-golf-spaghetti error
System specifications intel core i5 3.8ghz, 16gb ram, 1060 6gb video card
What did you do to get this issue? nothing at all. it worked few hours ago untill now…
What server did you get this issue on? all
CitizenFX.log fileCitizenFX.log (117.6 KB)

.dmp files/report IDs FILES :

If an issue with starting: FiveM starts fine but its when i try to join a server the loading screen comes up but after 1 minute it just crashes with this error.
GTA V folder screenshot

GTA V/update/x64/dlcpacks screenshot
Filepath to FiveM folderUser/appdata/local/fivem
FiveM client folder screenshot FIRST HALF OF FOLDER- SECOND HALF OF FODLER-
**Did you try to disable/uninstall your Anti-virus?**no

Also add what you already tried so far: after i noticed this error every time i decided to uninstall and reinstall BOTH GTA V and FiveM


I just got this error as well today. I was playing on highspeed-gaming when I went to grab some dinner, when trying to rejoin the server I got this message.


Me as well. super irritating.


I have found a solution, I have updated my Graphics Card driver and it works perfectly fine. I’m not so sure if it’ll work for you guys, but let me know if it does.


junoyoun so you bought a new graphics card? mines only 2 weeks old :3 its a 1060 6gb oml


No… They updated their graphics card drivers.


@ihighlife, to update your drivers go here. It’ll say: “*Agree & Download” click there and follow the instructions on the screen!


Hey, just checking in! Did it work out?


This worked. Thank you so much.


Thank you so much junoyoun that actually fixed this problem. Fivem is really the only fun thing/game i have for the moment without it i have nothing to play and i was pretty mad and that lets me play now tysm :smiley: btw i read your comment and i tried it out 2 days ago but forgot to say ty


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