[New] Liberty Walk RolePlay | LSCS | LSPD | SAHP | FBI | SAFD | https://discord.gg/BQD9wwD



Welcome to Liberty Walk RolePlay! We are a small community looking for people to be apart of our family and join up in a department!

Server Information:
Discord: :https://discord.gg/BQD9wwD
Server IP:
Website: https://libertywalkrp.enjin.com/
Age Limit: 12+

Background on Liberty Walk RolePlay

Liberty Walk RolePlay started in September of 2018. Our goal is to make the environment as happy as possible for everyone around us. We aim to satisfy the needs and wants to the best of our abilities within the community. We also offer some help outside of roleplay in the server. We have custom Law Enforcement Vehicles, Law Enforcement Peds, Custom CAD/MDT, Custom Scripts, Custom Civilian Vehicles. We are always looking for new people to be apart of our little family.

What are we looking for and what do we offer?

We are looking for anyone over the age of 12 to be apart of our little family. Which is pretty much everyone. We offer you to be apart of the server with the appropriate training we will grant you the ability to be an Emergency Services Staff. With your progression, we will offer you staff based on your rank in the department and your abilities over an application. We feel this is a way for anyone to earn their position.

The Staff Team

Chief Executive Officer - Nicky C.
Chief Operations Officer - Gregg S.
Chief Administrative Officer - Jesse H.
Head Of Administration - NIL

Server Departments

  • Los Santos Police Department (LSPD)
  • San Andreas Highway Patrol (SAHP)
  • Los Santos County Sheriff’s (LSCS)
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
  • San Andreas Fire Department (SAFD)
  • San Andreas Communications (SAC)
  • Civilian Operations (CO)

Please do check us out and give us a shot. We’ll try and accommodate your needs to the best of our abilities!


California? But has Los Santos departments :thinking: seems legit


Just a name my dude lol


A name that represents your community


We’re in the process of rebranding right now. For now that’s the name we’re using :slight_smile: