| New Jersey Roleplay | In Development | Economy Based | Legal/Illegal Jobs | Business’ and Gangs | Much More



Brand new Community has just opened up! Which means we will have lots of spots free!

I present you New Jersey Roleplay.
We are a ESX Economy based server which allows anyone to join the server as a civilian, You dont even have to be a member to play!


We have a large selection of jobs you can join and work for, example:
Bank Security
And Much more!

Dont like to work for a living?

Rob a bank, or other players, get your self into trouble the list is endless.

However, We do have member white-listed jobs and fun stuff we have! for example:


Police (With Other units like Detective, Swat Etc)

Civilian Businesses:

Car Dealer (Run the Car dealer, and sell to other players)
Vanilla Unicorn (Run the strip club hire dancers & sell booze)
Real Esate Agent (Sell Apartments and houses!)
Mechanic Shop (Hire Mechanics and fix and clear cars!)
Make your own business like a private security, or bars!
Taxi Business (Hire drivers and drive people around the city)


Only gangs control drugs, meaning you make a gang and you can have access to farm, harvest and sell drugs. Recruit other members to help you and create the biggest gang on the server!

For a limited time only, suggest a car into the server for free! (we will start to charger people for cars soon) And get a model sold to you for no charge from the dealer!

Please note, we are brand new have very minimum members

(We are NOT looking to merge with communities dont ask.)

Discord: https://discord.gg/x5gJ6wy 11

Teamspeak: ts.newjerseyrp.net (Join this to become an official member)

Server IP: