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Hello! I’m one of the staff members over at NJRP,
I’m here to invite you guys to see the city! We love to meet new people, and since we are new we are hiring alot of government offical positions, but if that does not intrest you we have lots of civilian jobs and business you can own!

The server is currently in development, but it is pretty much ready to go, so we are accepting members to come beta test with us! Our goal day for our grand opening will be in May.

Come on down to our Teamspeak to have a chat!

I’m also looking for a GUI developer to help us make some In game huds and such, Its a paying gig so let me know!

Hope to see you soon.


Hello do you guys have a discord server and i want ask a few questions



We do not yet have a discord set up, feel free to come on our teamspeak server or direct discord message me at: Hunter#0368

Looking forward to meeting you.




What part of NJ? (Town)

((20)) Characters


Okay will do thanks for messaging me back


As of right now,

We are calling it Los Santos, New Jersey
I’m not the one who makes those decisions lol

We may change to an actual city but not just yet


Ah okay, because I live in Middletown Twp. NJ


Takes 5 seconds to make a discord. Actually.



We now have a discord, since I understand not everyone has team speak. We have one general voice chat for everyone to talk in, but if you want to join Police / Fire / Dispatch you will need teamspeak.

The discord will also have important information and upcoming sneak peaks!

Discord: https://discord.gg/Nd7EZ7


With the server just about done, We are trying to hire all spots! (Businesses, PD, EMS etc) That way when we do the release we will have all the roles filled! Become part of the elite crew today!

Also still looking for a CAD developer and GUI Developer And perhaps a Website Developer


a gui developer? dude it is stupidly easy


for example, when you have the button use this event handler
private void Button_Click_1(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)