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Welcome to District Nine Role Play!

Are you tired of the same old story? You see a server 20/32 players, you join up, and it’s a bunch of squeakers and potato’s running around shooting everything? Are you tired of servers that get boring after 2 days and you already own everything there is to own, and have done everything there is to do?

We were too.

District Nine is a community ran by RL Police officers, Arma 3 Mil-Sim groups, and other serious, mature players. We strive to be a community focused on Role Play, having fun, and depth in our characters. We run ESX and all the awesome scripts that the wonderful community of FiveM has developed. We encourage streamers and have our own streaming group tag for you to use so everyone can follow along! We use a live CAD system for all our players to help them keep track of everything they have bought, and we offer a wide variety of jobs for civilians, including:

  • Truckers/Delivery Drivers
  • Chicken Butchers
  • Fishermen
  • Taxi
  • Fuel truck drivers
  • Sanitary/Garbage Trucks
  • Pizza Delivery
  • Security
  • Skeeters White Lightning

  • Tequila-La Owner
  • Money Washer Business
  • Unicorn Strip Club Owner
  • Bahama Mama’s West Night Club
  • Yellow Jack Inn Owner
  • Car Thief Enterprise
  • Airlines
  • Police
  • EMS

On the Illegal side of things, if that is what you are in to, we offer our players a wide range of drugs/gangs to create and join. The world is set up to have Drug King Pins who control certain drugs, and regular dealers who have to go out on foot and hand deal the drugs to NPC’s. Drugs include:

  • Meth
  • Weed

  • Heroin
  • Cocaine

We are currently looking for mature players who have ideas, business plans, characters in mind they would like to bring to the community. We enjoy real role play, and love the idea of an ever growing city. If this sounds like the place for you, please join up on our discord, and then join the server to come see for yourself! Thank you all and have a great time on District Nine!


Server IP:

Civilian Registration System:


I just tried D9 out yesterday and it’s changed my life.


I got to say that logo is pretty good.


Pretty decent RP, they are serious about it! good environment.


Favorite server of all time haven’t seen a serious role play server better than this. It’s Game changing.


Not going to lie probably the best server i have played community is great and people are not toxic dickheads. plus the economy is great its not just spawn in and get everything you want. you have to earn it.


Probably one of the best banners I have seen guys. A+ on that art work.


If you like the art, imagine how good the RP is :slight_smile:


Yeah imagine not. lol


It’s pretty amazing friend


UPDATE. The Sheriff’s office is now hiring. Please join the discord and apply! We are looking for serious RPers, you will be trained by RL officers and experienced RPers. Thanks everyone, Happy Easter!


Sheriff Academy starting this weekend! Now’s the time to get your applications in if you want a quick turn around! :slight_smile:


We have now gone Whitlist only. Join the discord and apply. Current openings

Bahama Mama’s Manager
Deputy Sheriff
General civilian

Established roles.

Yellow Jacket
Lost MC
Mechanic Service

Looking for great Civilians to join our community. Can’t wait to meet you all!