New guy to fivem looking to commit services to a Server



Hello, my name is Leo, I am known as Maj L. Levy in the Steam community, I am currently looking for a server to commit myself to, as a police officer/Mod in the future, or maybe even Admin in the future, I am willing to help out financially where possible, only if I am to be considered a partner to the server, and be given admin access to help out, now of course this can happen down the line when you get to know me more, but I can also possibly donate a TeamSpeak Server for the use of the server, this is still to be discovered. Hit me up if you want on here or even on steam


If you are looking for a server mabey take a look at Virgina State Roleplay Discord:

We have a CAD/MDT and a Teamspeak server.


If you haven’t found one yet, or even if you have, come check us out! Story based server… so create a life/story for your character and bring it to the big screen and live it out!


This topic is like 6 months old :joy:


…hence, if you havent found one yet… Always a wise guy isn’t there? Bored as crap at work and thought I would try to get some new ppl into the server I play in. Is that ok?


I get that but i just posted that to let you know. Not here to cause any problems.


The Emoji you use, and the context in which it was used, suggested otherwise… almost like a “mocking” comment. Either way, whoever is reading this come check us out. We have some great people that stay in character!


Sorry man. Tottaly my fault. Thats me being salty LOL


Its all good! I get in my feelings too… I work in a Fed. Detention Facility and I get a little worked up when I feel disrespected. Its Prison thing… Hope you have a good one!


We are always looking for new members!