New Brand New top of Line RP server of 2017


Hey everyone are your bored of the same old server? With the same bullshit that " WE are Different" crap? Well, I have a solution for that, which is our server. Yes, My server… Why our server you ask? Because We offer a different type of bullshit, like bullshit on the next level. BE WHAT YOU WANT. If you want to RP as a dog then goes for it no one will stop you because We just don’t give damn, we of have no limits. We add in stuff that the community wants not the thing we think should be added. RP is not the key of our server the Key alert is to have fun and enjoy your time on the server. So give us a shot by leaving a message In the chat. Our bullshit is not like your bullshit.


So, basically a free roam server… lol


Seems like GTA:O to me


Correct me, so no rules & completely freeroam? I still don’t see what is so “top of the line”.


Tbf, a top of the line server is one that isnt an rp server


was it new before it was brand new?


It’s not top of the line it’s just top line, which line its on top of however i’m not sure.


then we are presented with the following statement:


Essentially he’s saying, in an extremely long-winded way, that they are just like any other server. That’s what I take away from it anyway.

slightly joking