[NEW/BETA] Elevation Gaming RP (18+) | Serious & Realistic Roleplay ONLY | Player Owned Businesses + Gangs | Custom Framework + Vehicles | Hidden Locations | Active Development | Join Today!


→ This server is currently in beta. While we are opening our doors for new members to come and join, we are still working on the core functions that will be fully introduced upon our initial launch day. That date is currently unknown at this time, but we’d still enjoy early adopters to assist in further development and testing. Those who decide to join us will be considered community Early Adopters. Thank you for understanding!

→ Welcome to the Elevation Gaming Community here on FiveM! We are a new and constantly evolving roleplay community that strives off of realistic, structured and story-line based roleplay. In that, we’re excited to bring the long awaited project that is our server!

We draw great inspiration from a few familiar communities: NoPixel and TheFamilyRP

Already Interested?
Join Our Discord: https://discord.gg/Sqp8nmY
Check out our Website: https://www.elevationg.com/
Age Requirement: 18 Years Old

What Is Elevation Gaming?
Elevation Gaming is a serious, yet enjoyable Grand Theft Auto: V community pursuing roleplay with an emphasis on realism, structure, and persistence. We are a no drama environment that disposes of anything that seeks to hurt our core values; needless to say, maturity is not a topic of discussion here.

Moreover, we are looking to become the new industry standard in terms of our roleplay standards and development output. We wish to provide a home for those that seek more out of FiveM than most are used to - we are here to strive and provide more to the community as a whole.

→ This is an on-going list - we push updates daily:


  • Customized Drug System
  • Hidden Locations - found only through roleplay!
  • Realistic Pricing Structure
  • Imported Vehicles
  • Property Burglaries + Robberies
  • Emphasis on Player Owned Businesses/Organizations
  • Law Enforcement Vehicles + Infrastructure
  • Smuggling Operations
  • Vehicle Trading

Just the tip of the iceberg in terms of economy resources in our vision.


  • Clean HUD & Inventory System
  • Non-invasive UI
  • Constantly evolving design concepts
  • Easily manageable key-binds and commands


  • Law Enforcement + Emergency Services (Whitelisted)
  • Multiple Character Support (In-Progress)
  • Legal & Illegal Storylines - driven by the players!
  • Working GPS/Phone/Text System
  • Strict Roleplay Policies
  • LS Customs
  • Hidden Locations - you’ll never get bored!
  • Unique Jobs/Tasks/Activities
  • Narcotics Horticulture
  • Drug Effects
  • Player Owned Businesses/Gangs/Organizations - and much more!
  • Custom Interiors - always new ones being developed!

We have so many more ideas in the tank; we’d love all of your input!

→ Our developers are extremely active and are always looking for ways to improve the server as a whole. With that being said, we are also looking to expand our current team of software developers who have extensive knowledge in: Lua, C#, MySQL, HTML, & CSS.

Join The Fastest Growing Community on FiveM, Today!

Screenshots and Updates Coming Soon!


Currently taking in new members! Join the discord today :slight_smile:

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Great Community!

We are starting up soon, come check us out!
- Carter (Community Administrator)

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Still looking for people to come and get a sneak peak at our project. Enjoy!

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Join our discord today. We will be holding our first public testing session tomorrow evening! You will be able to check out all of the additions we’ve added to the server since its conception. We know you’ll enjoy it.

We’ve also began taking some pre-whitelist applications to get people on-board for when we launch our servers. Come and enjoy the journey, today!

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