New Andreas Live Event


For Immediate Release:
The production crew from the hit show New Andreas Live will be riding with the Deputies of the New Andreas Life RP community on Friday April 6th, 2018. New Andreas Live is a “Real Life” show on the CNT Network. New Andreas RP Live follows officers as they respond to calls and shows the perspective from those officers in the course of their duties. See what it is like in the New Andreas Life RP community from the Deputies that patrol it daily. From car accidents to major events tune in April 6th at 9pm on CNT or view the cameras directly from the officers on the list.
The Following are New Andreas Life RP Deputies and may partcipate in the events:
State Trooper Runt:
Deputy Dylan5280:
Deputy Sgt. Bethel:
Deputy Cpl Donnie:
Deputy LFTO CZorn25:
Fire Chief jawgaboyz316:
Civilian Tall Hooman:
For Media Contact PIO Christopher #361
Interested in joining the New Andreas Life RP community? Submit an application at:


Looking forward to having the crew with me tonight.