New Alaska State Troopers Official Community (Whitelisted)(ELS)(Custom CAD System)(Custom Police, Fire & EMS Vehicles)(Scripts)(


Are you looking to join a professional FiveM role play community? Are you looking to try something new with multiple opportunities?

Are you wanting to join a community with experienced GTA Police Role players at the helm?
Well I got just the place for you!!

Alaska State Troopers is a new community that strives for the best and strives to give the most realistic experience while having fun. We have multiple units that you can spread to once you complete your training, from Patrol Trooper to Wildlife Trooper, Special Emergency Response Team and Bureau of Investigations! We also have a Fire & EMS side, and for those who can not play GTA V we have MATCOM Dispatchers!!!

Alaska State Troopers also has a brand new Computer Aided Dispatch System (CAD)

Joins us today by applying at
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New Promo Video!!!


Not going to say your trailer was honestly bad, just need more practice for a release to a community.


hahaha yea my specialty is not editing and youtube but I tried XD.


Please msg me a discord, we can talk. :slight_smile: