Nevada State RolePlay! [Limited Non-Whitelisted slots]



The Server is really fun Good admin team and they are actually Strict RP


We are back with some new updates! our developer added alot of stuff to improve the roleplay experience,.
Object spawner for LEO to improve the traffic management roleplay.

A new radar for the LEO to catch the speeders!

And last but not lest, a towing script.


Hosted a huge GoKart event today -

(ID’s only for admins)


The Grand opening of ‘NationAuto’


Wanted to add the following:

Every administrator is now required to write a little bit about themselves on our website for transparency.

We also added a queue whitelist system – we have 20 whitelisted spots and 12 non-whitelist spots at all times.


Been with this server since the begining, from the community it branched off from. And boy do I love it. Nice staff, not power-hungry, everyone is always up to do something fun, they will listen to your opinion, think about it. And the best part is that WE the PLAYERS get to vote on the important stuff, like changing community name, changing from ESX to menu based, map changes etc.
I really recommend joining, if you’re not going to that’s okay but just FIY, you’re missing out on some real fun and awesome things!


Sorry dont know what happen to the quality of the last pic


BEST SERVER EVER (rated 15/10) XD


We got new police vehicles in-game as well as lot of new stuff, make sure to check them out!


Congratulations to the retweet for the circle challenge.


Completely 11/10 server! First server I was ready to commit to putting up with the BS of being a LEO.


Hands down best server on FiveM. I really enjoy playing on it. The staff team is so nice and good at enforcing the rules. The Police/Fire/EMS/Dispatch are all so proffesional. EVERYONE JOIN NOW!!!:grinning:


Our developers and administration team are working so hard to provide an enjoyable roleplay experience to the players, and here is some cool screenshots taken by our players.