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NE Gaming RP!

FiveM Roleplay server, that needs new players!

Are you looking to rob banks, cars, and even players?, sell drugs? or even be a cop arresting the criminals of Los Santos!?, or maybe you’re just looking for a normal job, mechanic taxi driver etc,
And are you tired of modders on servers giving you a hard time?


With custom cars, shops, drugs, chop shops, and a $1,500,000 starting money!

Requirements To Joining NE Gaming RP

  • Must own a microphone
  • Must act mature and know how to carry out a RP scenario
  • Be at least the age of 15
  • Must have discord

To get started now, just join the discord (link below) and search NE Gaming RP on the FiveM server browser and look for our logo!

(There is no whitelist for NE gaming players, However… anyone can be a cop but there are certain rules you must follow, to be an official officer or EMS you must apply on the website.)

Discord :
Website :


i joined discord waiting for interview


There is NO interview for the server, there are interviews after an application for a white-listed job has been submitted. (ex Police, EMS)


Is there gangs? How many people on server


Can vouch for these guys. they have done a good job on the server just need to build a comminty now.
Join the server and have some fun :slight_smile:


You can RP gangs, and around 12 people who are in the discord, trying the server out.


Lets get more people on the server :slight_smile: been good fun with these guys.


Bump, good to see some new faces in the server. Would be nice to meet some more and get some emergency services in the server too.


Get on the server to take advantage of the last 7days of the $1.5million starting cash and be ready for new items and vehicles to be available.There will be 40+ cars added to the dealership and Boats will be available for purchase.

Hope to see you in the server :slight_smile:


The 1.5mil start will be ending on the 19th October get the word out so players don’t miss this perfect opportunity

Server updates:

  1. After start money ends events will start to win InGame prizes.
  2. InGame shop will open to purchase amazing stuff.
  3. 40+ cars to be added.
  4. Boats will be able to be purchased.
    Much more stuff coming!! Check website tomorrow to see full server list or InGame tablet

In game prizes will be unique and not purchasable.

Thank you for being a part of North-East Gaming


Only a few more days left for the $1.5mill starting cash, Come take advantage of it before its gone for good.
New Cars,Items and mods are being added nearly everyday come and check out the server.

Hope to see some new faces



Big thank you Oxiii for all great help!


Server Update
Monday 15th October

Traffic + AI Fixed (Not So crazy now) Improves server performance
A few new vehicles are in the dealership
Ambulance + Revive Script Fixed. (Upon dieing you wont respawn now after being revived)
Policejob Fixed
All other jobs have had there money make situation looked at and improved
Many Small fixes to the server
Seatbelt added (if not warn at high speed can cause you to fly out front windscreen)
Blackouts Added. (Upon highspeed crashes you will be knocked out from the crash)


+20 new vehicles to be added
Few more jobs will be tested and added
Med pack + Armor to be added
Tons more Bug fixes and improvements
ALL Vehicles will have there speed Corrected!!!

Also Remember that the $1.5mill starting cash will be gone for good on Friday 19th October. Dont miss out on the perfect oppurtunity to get some fast high quality purchases.

Also for anyone new to RP Dont be shy come and join the server. If you need any help do not hesitate to ask.