Needing someone to help add peds


Hey! I’m wondering if anyone can show me how to add peds, I’m looking just to add uniforms only at this instant, But I’m hoping that someone knows about it on this forum. If you do please reply or add me on discord @Jacob#3538


Take a look in the tutorials section. there’s a few there…


Yeah man, I know there are, But I don’t really understand them, I’m a learner that will only know how to do it if i am physically shown.


try YouTube???


i made a YTB tutorial on how to install Peds to your server (NOT ADD-ON) Here.


How can i add custom paint jobs?


Let’s come talk in discord and il show you


Wats yo discord and I’ll add you


Here use this make sure to add it to your server.cfg and add all the peds you want in side the stream folder this should work let me know if it doesn’t.

peds.rar (160 Bytes)


Peds are all working now, Just can’t figure out how to add paint jobs


Go to my latest creating in modding tutorials and you’ll find my discord