NEEDING A vehicle and ped developers!



IMPROV RP is looking a vehicle and ped DEV

Welcome to our post, We are the IMPROV RP community. We are currently looking for 1 - 3 DEVS to help us in our goal of getting and making custom car models and possible skins and peds. We have a good idea of what we would like to have done and would like to see that accurately in the models and skins.

For the vehicles: (We are more than willing to work with more than one DEV here should that be needed)

  • We would like to have fully functioning lights that are non-els and look absolutely amazing.
  • We are also possibly looking to have the skins created.
  • We currently use luxart.

For the peds:
Well we have an idea there just don’t know if it will work or if it can even be done. however we would love to talk about it with you and see what we can come up with.

If this sounds like an opportunity you would like to join us in then please by all means join the discord and message KILO (KEVKILO9), or send me a PM or email.


Thank you, STAFF of IMPROV RP


no problems … . . . . .


I can do skins for cars and alter skins for peds that about it


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