Need Someone to Pay/Sponsor my Server


Hey everyone! I need someone to fund my War-Themed server, Grand Theft Wars! I have the discord, applications, and scripts ready to be used, I just need someone to buy a server so I can start developing. If you are interested, join my discord and contact RyanxyzMc. Here is the link to my personal server:


Use a provider Zap Hosting is good. I don’t see why someone would just pay for a server for you.


I would pay for my own server but I don´t have a good enough income to pay for the monthly cost. That´s why Iḿ searching for someone to pay for it.


Again don’t see why some random would do that. Do you have anybody that’s gonna run the server with you?


OVH Do VPS’ for literally £2 if you don’t want to go with Zap hosting. Using a VPS Is REALLY cheap. Like £2 cheap!


I know developers and people to help me lead it.


2 per month? Cause that would be very great


Yeh, check out Zap first, see if you have the funds for it.


Do you have a link to the VPS?