Need solution for custom documents folder location

Windows version? 10
I can’t store all my files on system SSD, so documents folder was moved to other disk. In that case FiveM launches, but didn’t connect to servers (stayed on 0%). If i change documents back to default then it’s works fine, but it’s tricky option for me.

Can be fixed?

Thank you for attention and pardon me for my english.

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where you have fivem installed?

default appdata

try to make a folder, call it whatever. in the other disc and then download the FiveM.exe inside that folder, then start it and it should be installed into that folder, it will still need to save few files into ‘‘AppData\Local’’ but it will then mostly be in that folder you created

And how it’s help me? Few spare gigabytes don’t resolve my problem.

FiveM chase which is located inside ‘‘FiveM Application Data’’ (FiveM install folder) can take up to 20 gb (my current FiveM chase is about 10gb and i play only in few servers). and where do you have your GTA V installed? if its on the ssd, you should definetly move it as it takes about 85gb whit the current updates

50gb ssd contain windows and some basic soft (still has couple free gb). All other stuff on hdd. I didn’t plan to play on many servers, one-two not more.

yea, well ask you can see, it still will fill up quick so you definetly should move fivem install to the hdd, and the other files fivem creates in documents in some cases, you cant move and they wont take upo a lot space anyways. so either you move it or dont but i cant help from that point

Uh, does base GTA V also have this issue when redirecting Documents the way you did?

It seems a tad odd - on one of our development systems Documents is also redirected, and the game still tends to run fine.

Nope, gta5 works fine. It’s issue with FiveM. I’ve killed almost half day to figure it out.
custom documents folder - server loading stop at 0%
default location - works well
custom location is “X:\files” if it’s matter

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