Need just an Impound that works


Hi all just woundered if there is any good impounds, because eden garage is bugged and all others are just crap so is there a new plugin around that is just a impound nothing else?

if so ill love you for ever :smiley:



The latest update of eden garage got a functioning impound feature.


yeh thats the one we have issue’s with like, will go into the red or green circle and nothing pop’s up :S


Hmm. Have you imported the SQL to your database?


yep everything is correct and just bugging out so there must be no fix :frowning:


Hmm sorry dude. I went in my game to test it out a few times, the only bug I’ve found was when public works impoundssa car that player can see his car I’m the impound list but can retrieve it until they log out and go back in game.


Also how are you impounding the car? Via police menu or the esx_mechanic job/public workd?


not to worry all sorted thanks for your help


For sure dude good luck