Need help with the custom ui for ESX

Hello, I recently saw this on a few fivem servers. And I want to know what is that ui name so pls help guys :slight_smile:

This UI is very weird . I have it , sometimes my jobs don’t show up and my money too … :confused: pm me if you want it

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currently we have the problem on our server, the food and drink not work
can someone help me

thank you in advance


Sorry if you are busy, but do you have any idea how to get this to work because I have downloaded this and moved it and it fits really well but hunger and thirst dont work. I am also the one who mainly got the vote started for the release of the hunger and thirst bars that you have made.

I’ve gotten the same issue

How to add one colum i want create more colum to show gang
Sorry for my english

Hey mate. The problem is the status and can be fix with some coding

Add TriggerEvent in (resources[esx]\esx_status\client\main.lua esx_status:load )

AddEventHandler(‘esx_status:load’, function(status)

for i=1, #Status, 1 do
	for j=1, #status, 1 do
		if Status[i].name == status[j].name then

  while true do

  	for i=1, #Status, 1 do

			update = true,
			status = GetStatusData()

	TriggerEvent('esx_customui:updateStatus', GetStatusData(true))


Link doesn’t work for now the owner has removed the UI!
Here is the fix:

Hello, i’m trying to set this ui on my server but can’t find how to show the society money. Any help?

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Yeah, I would like to know that too.

Anyone figured how to get the money of the society to show up ?

Hey man, i’m have a problem with it too:


Alchool and food are reversed.
Can you please help me?

That is a problem on your side try to download it agen

I have been testing and I am not able to put the money of society (the money you see when you are the boss), would someone know how to do it?

Go to esx_customui / html / main.js
line 68-70 you find

var hunger = status [0]
var thirst = status [1]
var drunk = status [2]

Just change those

var hunger = status [1]
var thirst = status [2]
var drunk = status [0]

Orginal i had hunger on thirst, thirst on drunk and drunk on hunger so was bit mixed.


Added this and something must have worked because the Hunger and Thirst bars over the minimap disappeared. But it’s still not working properly. Thirst, Hunger etc. is all full and doesn’t deplete

Hey man follow this help lines:

I ended up seeing it about 10 min after posting, It worked like a charm! Very nice UI. I’mg going to disable the alcohol portion though, no need for it functionally.

did anyone manage to get society money to show up i tryed some stuff but cant get it to work :confused:

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I have a problem with the hud society that is not so if someone knows how to make it appear and make it work I am a taker thank you.

Sorry for my bad english i’m french

hello someone knows how to add money business when you’re boss please