Need help with finding a script!


Can someone tell me what script this is? image


Maybe search for the script?


I tried :frowning: cant find it at all


Maybe do the script? Don’t seem to be hard. What this script does?


dig around. I 100% remember a topic that had that image in it.

(Image meaning the content within it)

  1. I cant code

  2. Bascially what it does is when a admin vehicle is behind a players car it will say admin trying to pull you over also looking for a overhead in red txting saying admin on duty


Hmm never saw a script like that, could be easy to do, but you dont know how to code…
For the admin duty you can use my release tag admin.


For the release of the tag… thank you!! But i was talking to a server who said it was custom made and they only have it and obviously wont release it its called afs roleplay server but hopefully i can find it :frowning: