Need help "this server does not have a license key specified"



Every time i try to start up the server, it comes up with this window, “this server does not have a license key specified. Please set the sv_licenseKey console variable to a key from (for example, set sv_licenseKey "key" in the config, or +set sv_licenseKey key on the command line)”

Well i’ve gone to the website to get the key, but i have no clue on where to place the key at, tried everything i could think of. Please help!


You put the key inside your server.cfg file. Near the bottom of the file.


Look at the bottom of the server.cfg example here:

Error when running FXserver

Pretty sure that example is a bit wrong. Should have quotations around the key and I believe it needs to be this:

set sv_licensekey “KEYHERE”

Might be wrong on that, though.


Both work it’s just most people say what you posted :wink:


Thanks, already figured it out, someone can close this now.


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