[Need Help] Radio-Set Script not Working



Hey guys,

I wanted to make an Radio-Script for a Server of a friends of mine, using the NetworkSetVoiceChannel() funktion and toggle it using the “M” Key or the /radio-set command but it won’t work for some reason.
Its purpose is to have a radio for cops and stuff that they can talk in without programms like discord etc.

Maybe you guys have an idea why its not working?

radio-set.zip (1.7 KB)


Your indents are horrible :stuck_out_tongue:


Read it, you are setting a voice channel without nobody… So no one can hear it.


I actually am working on a phone so I had to use the same code for calling, its pretty easy:


and API.NetworkClearVoiceChannel(); to go back to the default channel.

You would still need the default push to talk button “n” to talk. but only people on that channel can hear you.


Yeah you need to push the N to talk!
But for this to work, when someone talks in the radio, for example police radio, you have to set all police player to the same channel.