Need Help In Making A Menu



Dear FiveM users,

I started a server not long ago and of course everyone wants to make their server the best and outstanding, so do I. So I’ve look everywhere on internet on how to make a menu for FiveM but couldn’t find anything.
I’ve watched videos on how to script but they didn’t explain on how to make a menu.
I’ve seen something about “nui” but I’ve no clue what to do.
So I would like someone to teach me on how to make a menu and I am looking for one that looks like doj’s.
I don’t want the same one but just want to make one that is different and useful so I have a nice and useful menu for the server and so I can help other people out on how to make menus.
If someone would like to help me please take contact up with me on Discord.
My Discord name: Alex H.#7682
Or on the FiveM forums.


You will not as that would violate FiveM’s terms of service. See section 8. Please remove this from your post.