Need help for my server


i install some mods ex: 3500flatbed and cotrailer i spawn the mod my game crash but this mod is on order server? someone can help me?


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tanks can you help me


Whats the size of the YTD If i’m correct I think the FiveM Stream Size is 16 MB


5.97 Mo


hm idk then did you do everything right




but i custom the file


Any requests for support on installing resources should be directed to the original forum topic, so the creator, or people with experience to that specific resource can help you. Welcome to the forums!

EDIT: You should take a look at “How to install add-on vehicles” it’s a very popular topic on here, and it explains in great detail the steps taken to install add-on vehicles. It should also teach you a decent bit about how to install replacement vehicles too.


Here are some helpful links regarding resources:

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Tutorial fiveM Resources , Add-ons , PED's (Skins)
[How-to] Split Vehicle YTD Files to Avoid 16Mb Stream Limit
[How-to] Change the spawn name of a addon-vehicle


but its wird the mod are some another server and i install the mod i spawn the and my game crash