Need Help Finding Server Scripts


Here’s the List that I need, which ones would I need to get a developer for?

Webmanager Script (Start & Stop Server, Access RCON, Chat, etc.)
Admin Script (Ban, Kick, etc.)
Cops Script (Handcuff, Detain, Search, Arrest, Jail, Breathalyzer, etc.)
EMS Script (Revive, Escort, Breathalyzer, Hospital, etc.)
Job Script (Taxi, Pizza Delivery, Pool Cleaner, Garbage Truck, Truck Driver, etc.)
Money Script (Paycheck Interval, Clean & Dirty Money, Bank, etc.)
Robbery Script (Banks and 24/7’s)
House Script (Buy Houses, Apartments, etc.)
Garage Script (Public Garages, Personal Garages(Costs Money), etc.)
Custom Cars (Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches, Mustangs, GTRs, etc.)
Phone Script (Text People, Call Police/EMS/Taxi, etc.)
Emote Script (Emotes)
Car Script (More Realistic Damage, Start Engine, Lock Doors, etc.)
Gas Script (Refill Car with Gas, Gas Stations, etc.)
24/7 Store Script (Buy Food, Water, Repair Kits, Med Kits, etc.)
Inventory Script (Store Food, Water, Kits, Drugs, etc.)
Black Market Script (Buy Illegal Goods with Dirty Money)
Clean Dirty Money Script (Clean Dirty Money)
Illegal Drugs Script (Cannabis, Meth, Heroine, Ecstasy, Moonshine, etc.)
Create a Character on Join Script (Create Up To 3)
Pop-Up Picture at Join Script (Picture that Pops Up After Join)
Loading Script (Loading Screen Video w/ Music)
Whitelist Script (Whitelist)
Custom Map Script (Block Stunt Jumps, Edit Police Station, etc.)
Buying Cars Script (Buy and Store Cars)
Buy Weapons Script (Licenses, Guns, etc.)
Rent Boats Scripts (Rent Boats and Jetskis)


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Yeaaaah. That’s not how this works.