[Need Help] converting a car file


Hey guys i need a quick bit of help. Ive been working on converting this car ( http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/14410-2016-unmarked-srt-potatocat/ ) for my server as an SRT for my pd. i have gotten it to where it doesnt cause the carvariation.meta error. however i cant get it to spawn here is my work in progress if anyone can download it and let me know whats missing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1N5SzR0DraD812JXu8ANvQHZwFI2gb4sY/view

updated to fix the crash still wont spawn: https://github.com/bluefir111/SRT
thank you


It’s crashing on the carvariations.meta error for me.


ugh im not sure why though. thats one of the issues im having atm. one moment im getting it to work the next its crashing or wont spawn


Look on line 57 and remove


Should fix it.


ill check if it worked when i get home from graveyard shift thank you


that fixed the crashing but still wont spawn i updated the file to fix the crash


Can you see if the model spawns when you do FiveM Singleplayer

Its in your FiveM folder


thats the blue icon one right and i havent explored that version of fivem yet. so how do i spawn thing in there


If you are using lambda just use the spawn code. You will have to set the spawn code



thank you that got it to spawn. what was broken on it?


was able to spawn it in. except it clips through everything and barely drives. looks like its back to the drawing board


Which one fixed it the zip he sent you?


yeah the zip file he sent fixed it. here is the working version with handling and everything.

i would like to thank all of you for helping me out on this one


Have you gotten the lights to work?


no >__< i was just happy enough to get the car working in general


let me know if you get it working without ELS