[NEED HELP] Cars messes up when put in a stream folder


File path / file used: https://imgur.com/a/GXM7T

What It looks like in game: https://imgur.com/a/d4L9Y

I have no idea what I’m doing wrong… any help is appreciated Sorry if this is in the wrong area of the fourms… I’m just starting out, thanks


First off, is it a ELS vehicle? then u need a special resoruces, also try to modifie it. If it dosen’t work find a new one.


i think your textures dictionary is over 16mb. it should be under or it wont load.


Not els…


The yft file? I don’t know much just starting…


both YFT ans YTD should be Under 16mb. as i can see textures don’t load. so the textures dictionary (ytd) should be over.


Good news: finally got the cars in game… but the lights are jacked up beyond belief… any help?


using those 2 cars


Stop server, clear cache, start server, restart again


Nope. Still got lights 5 feet from the car.


Make sure your siren settings for the vehicle are correct in carvariations.meta.


Where does the carvariations go to?


And sirens are perfectly fine, it’s just the lights messing up


Update: I have been poking around on the forums to see people running into the same dead ends as me… with the lights still not working after trying this, i’m still looking for help as to fixing the siren thing if possible as i’m clueless as to do so… thanks


Value is at 1…? Still confused.


If the vehicles come with a custom vehicles.meta and carvariations.meta you will need to use them (or copy and paste them into your current files) for the vehicles to work correctly.


thanks for the reply, just reassuring though… you are probably getting annoyed with me but, in my personal gta, or the server? If the server it isn’t working or I have a bad path that I am looking for and running into dead ends with all hope.


put all of them in clientside… still nothing… broken. should I add a folder inside of my cars folder for that stuff or something to put the stuff?


I have two tutorials (one for replace, one for addon) on step-by-step how to install cars.