[Need Help]Car Spawn Fuel


Hello everybody,

is that possible to change every car that spawned to be with 50% fuel? because sometimes im getting cars with 4% of fuel and they cannot drive.

thank you and have a good day! :slight_smile:


Ask this in the topic from which it comes from. We don’t even know what fuel script your talking about. So. Make a post in the thread from which the script comes from, a whole new topic is not necessary.


Hey @FAXES, Im using esx_AdvancedFuel but I didn’t found anything to config there about car spawn fuel


Please read the above (or below) for further help.


Find this in client.lua

	essence = (math.random(1,100)/100)*0.142

and replace it with

	essence = (math.random(50,100)/100)*0.142


Thanks!!! work great!