Need help adding vehicles


I have a new server that just went live. it is a FXServer. The issue i am having is I am unable to addon vehicles. I would like to add some custom vehicles for civ use and i have searched and searched and tried every youtube video i found and read every topic posted i could. However everytime i try them, it either does not work or crashes FiveM. Anyone out there that could assist me and show me how to do this on most current FXServer?


Adding custom vehicle skins to your server can be quite tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing. However, I suggest going to this tutorial and following all the steps as it will help you.

Furthermore, you are going to need this link to download custom skins off of

Keep in mind, after you’ve followed the tutorial it’s fairly easy to put the skins on to your server.

Hope this helps!


I have actually tried that tutorial and still couldn’t spawn the cars. I will try again. are you sure this is for the most recent FXServer?. anyway u could teamview with me to make sure im doing it right?


also that is to replace cars in game…im looking to add more and not replace


you need to do the addon way , also if they’re not spawning i assume it says invalid model name ??? if that happens then vehicle.meta needs to be fixed , if it doesn’t say that just doesn’t spawn then could be something with the YTD