[Need Help] Adding Admins On Easy Admin on the server.cfg


Hello, I have a FX Server and I need to know how to find the add_principal identifier.steam:[This Number] group.admin # add the admin to the group.



I have it installed and it works but I cant figure out how to add my identifier in so I can use the menu


So im not sure how to fix it


Did you add your Steam Hex in lowercase?


My question is how do I get the steam hex I have searched how to and I just cant find the same one that is stock




Thx will give it a shot


Please ask in the orginal forum topic and make sure and follow the docs because it clearly states how to do stuff with the ace perms. Also to answer your question you have to tell FiveM the admin group has access to EasyAdmin

add_principal group.admin easyadmin allow #I think you might want to check in the docs.
add_principal identifier.steam:[STEAM HEX] group.admin