Need Experienced Developer


Hello, I am in need of a good developer. I have some server files that are half complete.

Things that need to get done:

Finish Police Interactions, Arrest, Cuff, ect…
Finish Interaction Menu. All the UI and GUI is already made.
Adding Drugs, Items to the markets/Dirty Money and Cleaning.
Adding a clothing script for the clothing stores
Everything is stored in couchdb.
Add a banking GUI that works with couchDB
If your interested please email at
Or you can MSG on this thread.

You will have access to our beta server to test, and do whatever you need. Someone with a passion in Lua, and coding in general is what we are looking for.


bumping up thread for developers to see.

  • Finished Banking System myself


bump thread for devs.


Join this and you’ll get some help